A girl at Starbucks recognized me from my social media and asked me how I stay motivated and if I ever get tired or discouraged. I want to share my answer to her as I know it will help those beginning their journey in modeling, acting and/or in the entertainment industry…even those well experienced.

I forget that I was once a beginner, because it’s become innate through practice to fight through every challenge. The Truth is, I don’t ever ‘’not get tired’’. I’m tired every day. It’s hard for me as well, but I prefer hard over easy anyways. Though times condition my character. I know what it feels like to not give it your all. I’ve been there, but I chose to not stay there. I chose to feel discomfort over defeat. I chose to give myself a chance rather than quit. So many people didn’t believe in how much more I can achieve. That’s where my mind is at. Moral of the story: I know it looks easy but remember to look beyond the surface. It’s taken me years and I’m still devoting the same work ethic. Hope this puts things into perspective. Love you guys!!!

Save this message for when you need it and share it with a friend. I hope you found this helpful! Comment below with any questions. Muack!