Johana Catalan was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her mother, Yamile Catalan is a retired nurse. Johana lived with her father until she was only 4 years old. She has two younger sisters. She was educated at an all-girls catholic school. She then went on to study to be a bilingual administrative assistant to work and be able to pay for her college education. After 3 years she graduated and started her public accounting education at a college in Barranquilla at night, while working during the day, for 5 years.

After she graduated from college, she moved to the US, where she has been living for seven years and continued growing her accounting and auditing career working for CPA firms and a major financial institution. She also opened an Airbnb business after three years in the US with more than 10 listings which are still active in Charlotte, NC.

Despite all her success, she decided to pursue her dreams exploring her artistic side in modeling and acting. She joined the Leon Craig’ academy in Gastonia, NC. Leon, her modeling coach is a professional commercial model who has been in demand for over 30 years. He has been featured in international print campaigns all over the world. Subsequently, Johana signed with the Brock Agency in Hickory, NC.

Colombian-American Model and Actress Johana Catalan, often compared to Sofia Vergara, (actress, television producer, presenter and model) ‘also from Barranquilla and with a similar accent’, has thoroughly enjoyed walking runways at local venues for charity such as The 4th Annual MFSE Fashion for Change in Charlotte, NC. She also modeled for 3 different designers at the Collage Fashion Weekend in Charlotte, NC and modeled the Adamantia collection designs at EVOLVE-A New York Style Runway Experience in Greenville, SC, but her experience does not end there… Johana is also involved in the film industry. She has participated in short films, such as ‘Check, Please’, ‘The Quarry’ and ‘Anniversary’ in Charlotte, NC.

Johana is also a ‘Labster’. She takes classes with the Actor’s Lab. One of the Top Acting Schools in America. The Actor’s Lab is known for coaching actors, writers, and directors in Hollywood and across the nation.

Johana shows off her versatile portfolio with experience in fashion, editorial, commercial and agency work. She has been expanding her portfolio, which has a lot of consistency despite the use of different styles of modeling and photography. One of the key elements to the consistency in her portfolio is a filmic and magazine look to a lot of her photos.

Johana firmly believes that hard work pays off and that it takes self-discipline and persistency to achieve your goals, because self-discipline is self-love.

She also believes that there’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A, which says a lot about her resilience and optimism to pursue her dreams.

Booking Johana for your next brand event is a smart idea! She gives 110% of her energy and enthusiasm to every event she works. She takes pride in immersing herself in the brands she represents as a promotional model.

Johana would love to connect with you. Please click here for all inquiries.