My first music video appearance!

I was so excited when I was offered to be featured on the dope up and coming artist COOL KID’S new song music video “HENNY ON DECK”, which is part of the album ‘Cool Kid Bad Kid Vol 2’. I received this invite from the Film & Video Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Music Producer and C.E.O of Krucifix Productions LLC, MARLIN GOODWIN.

So many things went through my mind… How should I get ready? What to wear? How to style my hair? How to act in the video, etc… I was looking forward to seeing the final video when I was just getting ready for it….!!!!! But I needed to start somewhere, right? So, the journey started…I had initial conversations with Cool Kid-The artist. We selected my outfit together and he explained a bit about the story of the video…the rest was history!

I remember the moment when I arrived on set, my energy was so high, and I was so ready to start recording! I was 100% in acting mode. Marlin-The Video Director only had to give me instructions one time, I was so ready! Each time we had to re-do a scene I was like ‘Yes! Let’s do this! I felt like when you are working at your first job that you’re so passionate about and it’s so enjoyable! Each time he said ‘Great job Johana’ it was like fueling my motors! I wanted to keep going. That is how you know you are in the right place, doing ‘Your thing’. I can be on set literally ‘All day’ without hesitation or getting bored.

After halfway through the video Marlin asked: Would you feel comfortable doing a scene in the shower? I thought ‘I have never done this before’ ‘Would this be ok for my image?’ ‘Is it going to be too sexy?’ ‘Is my body 100% fit for this scene right now?’…. yeah…. I had so many thoughts in a fraction of seconds, however I said ‘Yes’ right there! I let my fears behind, and I did my best. I imagined I was by myself, enjoying a nice shower after a long day.

At the end, everybody was happy about the scenes we filmed for the video and, I felt like I passed the test!

I know this is the first music video and I will be doing more work like this, because I really enjoy it!

I am very thankful first of all to God for this opportunity, to my dear friend TAHNYA WILLIAMS for connecting me with Marlin Goodwin, who invited me to participate in this video and supporting me along the process and; to the artist Cool Kid, who I wish success to his music career.

It was a dream of mine to be featured on a music video and it became a reality! It’s proof that you can do anything you set your mind to!

I hope you enjoy watching this video as I did being part of it!